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Speed reading

Speed reading is the ability to quickly comprehend textual information using special reading methods. Recent experiments show that speed reading activates the thinking processes, which will help the child in mastering other skills and knowledge.

Trainingt plan

  • At the first stage of teaching speed reading, we will tell the child about the lesson itself, what goals and objectives we set, why the child needs it, so that he understands what he is striving for. In this course, we will develop speech using tongue twisters, work with syllables and words.

  • In groups of this age category, we work with texts and teach some speed-reading techniques, as well as give practices to improve memory, which in the future will help the child to more effectively perceive the information read.

  • Often, due to the rapid development, it is difficult for adolescents to perceive information. The speed- reading skill will help them quickly and efficiently receive and process information. In the teenage group, we are engaged in the processing of texts of various genres, we study speed reading techniques, we work with tables.