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Electronic document management

Electronic document management is a set of automated processes for working with documents submitted in electronic form, with the implementation of the concept of “paperless office work”. This type of document flow has many advantages: safety, saving time, money and space, flexibility.
To work with electronic document management, traditional workers need advanced training, which they can take with us.

Training plan

  • Introduction to Electronic Document Management.

    Features of the implementation of the electronic document management system.

    Basic requirements for the creation of electronic document management in the enterprise.

  • Procedure for processing documents. Acceptance, processing and sending of documents. Principles and types of electronic document registration. Procedure for registration of incoming, domestic and forwarding documents.

    Organizational and Technological Methods for Improving Electronic Document Management. Improving the flow of electronic documents.

    Conducting an analysis of document management in the context of the electronic document management system. Procedure for document processing at the enterprise. Document Cycle Volume Report.

  • Instructional document preparation project (on the basis of command preparation). Preparation of orders within the framework of preparation of administrative documents: preparation of the draft document, introduction of details for electronic template, form and period of storage.

    Classification of commands, normal types. Requirements for text. The procedure for signing and confirming. Drawing electronic signatures. Making corrections and additions to the text.

  • Characteristics of the main types of business correspondence and letter-writing features: letter of application, petition letter, reply letter, sender letter, information letter, letter of guarantee, notification, invitation letter, congratulatory letter, letter of thanks, letter of condolence, etc.

    Business letter language and spelling. Basic requirements for the composition of a business letter (neutral tone of writing, accuracy, transparency). Features of word categories used in business letters. Rules of spelling of official names in the text of the documents.

    Organizing work on petitions of citizens and legal entities Responding to customer complaints.

  • A contract is an organizational-legal document. Applications and Features of Contracts.

    The contract is part of the electronic document management system.

    Creating an archive of contracts for users, managing access to the archive.

    Configure a module to work with contracts in electronic document management.

  • Organizing an electronic archive. Types of archives. Archives of small enterprises, archives of scientific and technical documents, archives of large enterprises, archives of state-owned enterprises.

    Collection of electronic archives: for a single information system - documents prepared by the enterprise, documents received by the enterprise; for the archive of the information system: documents from the electronic document management system.

    Features of electronic document registration.

    Storage of electronic documents and ensuring their protection. Storage in the data system: A database in the form of a standard, a database that is used daily.Backup (IT-Backup).

    Select to delete documents.

    Final Test