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Industry project management

As far as we know, any organization and company have a basic principle and a set goal, and within the framework of this principle a particular project is being implemented. In the project sectors, project management is primarily a tool to achieve a set goal. In other words, effective project management is not only about smart project management, but also about managing a set of tools that you can use to achieve your goal. It turns out that the success of any project related to the production of an innovative product, the development of a website or the launch of a new advertising campaign depends on the activity of the team that implements it. The productivity of such a team, the correct distribution of tasks in the team, and the like, directly depend on the project manager (project manager). But often the limits of a project manager's responsibility, his or her responsibilities, and the work he or she does, remain unclear. Let us explain its functions. This course is designed for mid to high level professionals involved in the management of any complex projects in Turkmenistan, and for all parties interested in the successful implementation of projects.

Training plan

  • In this part of the course, you will learn about project management methods and methods of effective business process management.

  • At this stage, you will learn how to manage projects at the planning stage, resource allocation and budgeting.

  • You will take a closer look at project planning, as well as learn how to build a portfolio.

  • At this stage of the training, you will learn how to interact with stakeholders, as well as learn about the purpose of drawing up a plan and a project portfolio

  • To implement a project, you need 5 groups of processes - preparation, planning, execution, control, completion. Each of these groups of processes will be considered by you at this stage of the training.

  • You will acquire the skill of drafting a project management system, and also consider ways to manage the management system.

  • In this part of the course, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the basics of international law in relation to project management.