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Fundamentals of Cyber ​​Security

Cyber ​​security is a way to protect computer technology, networks, and software from attacks that are intended to be compromised through digital technology. Attacks aimed at hacking through digital technologies are usually carried out to allow unauthorized access to, modification or destruction of confidential information, and to damage the normal operation of computer technologies of enterprises and organizations.

One of the safest approaches to cybersecurity is to provide multi-level protection to computers, networks, or software.

The purpose of the Cybersecurity Training course is to raise awareness about the security of the information system and, on the basis of this, to understand information security technologies and to be able to apply cybersecurity rules in all areas of work.

Training plan

  • Cyberattacks.


  • The human factor of risk.

    Threats from cloud applications.

    BYOD aspirations.

    Distanced cyberattacks.

    Attack by users who has access to the system.

    Cyberattacks on automated systems of technological processes.

  • The structure of the information space.

    Structure of the Internet.

    Link to the global Internet.

    Network Security Architecture.

    Sample architecture of corporate network security.

    Protocols and platforms, network protocol weaknesses.

    Types of cyberattacks: active, passive, targeted.

  • Fundamentals of Encryption.

    Types of encryption.

    Written description of the operation of the encryption.

    Some password protection issues. Sequence of password symbols. Develop anti-password methods.

    The notion of a register. The structure of the register. Functions of the register. Examining the universal nature of the register.

  • Virus grouping.

    The work of the Total Commander file manager.

    Creating program guidelines for analyzing the work of various viruses and removing them.

  • Organizing cybersecurity in government agencies.

    National Cyber ​​Security Structures and Standards.

    Organizing cybersecurity at the enterprise.

    International Cyber ​​Security Organizations, Standards and Requirements.

    Final test