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At this stage of the robotics course, you will become familiar with: Programs that are most often used in robotics The set of commands Robot control skills.

Training plan

  • Introduction to robotics.

    What is a robot? Robotic sensory organs.

  • Introducing programs. Controller management. Management Software Interface Program window, command palette, control panel.

    Embedded software (firmware). Download the program. Enter the robot control code. Move forward. Direction of action.

    Developmental programming. Rules of programming.

  • At this stage of the course, you will improve the basic control skills by studying the features of the movement of the robot in the maze, taking into account the power of its engine, adjusting the speed and direction.

  • At this point of the course, you will understand how to train a robot to sense obstacles using ultrasonic and sensor sensors, and learn how to move along a given line using one or both sensors.

  • At this stage of the course, you will learn the principle of automatic adjustment of the robot, as well as changes in actions and their functions.