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The demand for the profession of a programmer is growing rapidly. The increase of the relevance of this specialty in Turkmenistan in recent years is associated with the digitalization policy. Professionals with such knowledge and skills are in great need today. We hope that graduates who successfully complete their studies will start a successful career in education and enjoy the respect of their employers. The aim of the course "Programming" is to improve the skills of programmers, create and maintain programs and databases of the enterprise where they work, with the active use of information and communication technologies.

Training plan

  • In this course, you will learn how to interact with a database, which will allow you to develop the Backend (logic) of sites and applications.

  • C ++ is a programming language that is a good base for anyone looking to learn to program. In the future, having studied the C ++ programming language perfectly, you will be able to independently create computer games and programs, or even a new programming language. After completing this course, you will gain basic knowledge of this language, which will help you develop further in the field of programming.

  • Python is a layered programming language. Knowledge of this language will allow you to do Backend development, artificial intelligence training. In this course, you will learn more about the functions of this language and the principles of working on it.

  • The Java programming language is one of the most popular languages. Java is used to work with big data, to develop various kinds of applications (web, mobile, games). In this course, you will have the opportunity to consider the features, scope, principles of work about the Java programming language.

  • The Android world is very complex and diverse. There are thousands of Android devices. It's exciting to know that your app will be used on thousands of different devices! If you have a dream of becoming an Android developer, sign up for our course.

  • WEB programming is a programming section focused on the creation of websites and programs. In this course, you will become familiar with the basic technologies of web programming.