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In recent decades, information and communication technologies have shaped the development of modern society. Web, cloud services, streaming multimedia, mobile applications, augmented reality are used in almost every aspect of human life. Skills in accessing the Internet and web technologies, being able to find, retrieve and analyze information from a variety of electronic sources, communication in a virtual environment, and interoperability are essential requirements of today’s employers for potential employees.

In this regard, the task of educational centers is to diversify the profession, which has additional skills, in addition to specific areas of knowledge. These include, in particular, being able to interact socially with self-organizing and self-adjusted learning, as well as with the use of modern information and communication technologies. The concept of e-learning is fundamental as an innovative teaching method based on the use of the Internet and multimedia technologies in order to improve access to education and improve its quality. The objectives of e-learning are to improve the digital skills of non-governmental and non-governmental professionals working in various fields of industry and to be able to use such skills independently in their work.

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