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Welcome to "Turkmen IT park"

Your education - Our priority!

Why should you choose us?

“Turkmen IT Park” is a company that is focused on world-class education primarily in programming, design and IT industry. In addition to this, it is planned to teach foreign languages and other subjects, but the main focus will be on courses for the development of digital infrastructure. Our company under the slogan "Your education is our priority" will structure training courses for different ages.


Completing our courses, anyone can become a specialist. All that is required from you is desire and diligence, we will take care of the rest.

The main mission of "Turkmen IT Park"

The project "Training Center of the Digital Economy" is aimed at solving the following tasks

Teaching entrepreneurs the basics of the digital economy, doing business in the transition to the digital technologies.

Short-term training of IT specialists for the needs of the digital economy.

Advanced training, retraining of specialists in accordance with the requirements of the present time.

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History of "Turkmen IT Park"

On 02.10.2019, a representative of the company "Turkmen IT Park" gave an exclusive interview to the correspondent of the leading Turkmen Internet web-site "Turkmenportal" under the heading "We bring changes in to the IT sector!" in which he spoke about the development of digitalization of the State, digital technologies, and the development of the younger generation.

Creating an Ecosystem for Startups

"Creating an Ecosystem for Startups" is a pilot project of the "Startup Ecosystem" program.

"Turkmen IT Park" in the "Sturtup Ecosystem - 2021" project

Detailed description of the participation of "Turkmen IT Park" in all stages of the "Startup Ecosystem - 2021" program.

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